Microshading/ Ombre eyebrows is a technique of semi-permanent makeup that gives you a powder effect on the eyebrows. The result on the eyebrow is an ombre finish with pigment going from a darker colour to a lighter colour.

Microshading technique is a perfect way to give your microbladed brows a more intense and dense look. It is a new and hot trend in the microblading world because the result is a more intense look with added depth to the brows.


A microshading tool consists of a pen and with a series of micro needles attached to it. The microshading tool is dipped into color of pigment and then used to make dots in the upper layer of the skin without reaching the dermis. The end result is a powder look to the eyebrows.

Microshading can be combined with Microblading to give the strokes an enhanced and dense look. It literally looks like you have perfect eyebrows, I kid you not!


  • The results are semi-permanent therefore incase the times change and a new trend is in fashion, you can easily change your eyebrows to match.
  • Dense eyebrows ideal for those with little to no natural eyebrows
  • Lasts longer than microblading
  • No downtime after procedure
  • Fully restores or recreates the eyebrow shape desired
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials
  • No more eyebrow make up (saves a ton of money and time)

We recommend a touch up after 12-18 months to keep the color looking vibrant, and dense.


Our Molahare Beauty Artist custom matches the pigment to your natural brow hairs so that you walk out looking like a better version of yourself. We choose eyebrow shape, colour and intensity according to your facial features and preferences. Our Artist uses a topical anesthetic to numb the eyebrow area and minimize any discomfort.