What is Microblading?

6D Microblading (also known as hair stroke brows, microstroking and micro pigmentation) is a hair stroke technique of semi-permanent makeup. It enhances the appearance of eyebrows by giving you defined hair strokes for a natural look as opposed to the Read More

Is the procedure painful?

Both Microblading and Microshading procedures are meant to be painless. We ensure that before the procedure is done, numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area as well as additional anesthetic applied periodically during the procedure. However, there are clients Read More

How long will my new eyebrows last?

You should expect your eyebrows to last 1-2 years after touch up. However, every person is different as our skins regenerate at different rates and speeds. People with oilier skin will see their eyebrows fade faster as the skin regenerates Read More

How should I care for my new eyebrows after the procedure?

   Immediately after the procedure the Artist will apply an aftercare ointment to aid in healing.  Every hour after the procedure you will need to wipe the eyebrow area with a cotton pad lightly dampened with water.  Every morning and Read More

What is a touch up and do I need it?

A touch up is needed after every Microblading procedure. This is scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure. The Artist will assess how the eyebrow has healed and any corrections are done with regard to colour or shape of the Read More

Can anyone get Microblading and Microshading done?

Can anyone get Microblading and Microshading done?omen and men above the age of 18years can undego these procedures. However, we regret that we do not perform Microblading or Microshading on clients with the following conditions; Pregnancy or breastfeeding mothers Diabetes Read More